Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL is a platform which helps motivate you to continue pursuing the meaningful habits that have brought you joy during quarantine into the future (when we return to normal life). This is achieved when a Memory Jogger converts your habit, insight or intention into a lasting memory, thus, making you more likely to keep on pursuing the habit.

“Now is the time” is a sentence we see everywhere. Enjoy quality time with our family, work on solutions for climate change, especially now that we have more time to chat with our neighbors. But why should we let it all slip away after now? helps to keep our important insights, good new habits and good intentions. You can share your habit, insight or intention with a Memory Jogger who creates a lasting memory for you. In this way, we make the best of a crisis like this.

A Habit-Keeper is someone who wants to maintain a new habit, insight or intention when everything goes back to “normal” again.

A memory jogger is someone who helps you remember something which is valuable and is of a significant importance to you. In our case, our memory joggers will allow you to keep up with new habits, insights or intentions you came up with during quarantine. This could be a philosopher, a poet, an artist, or a child. You choose!

The Habit-Keeper can indicate in their application whether they want to be linked to an artist, philosopher or a child. They can also choose to be surprised, making it even more exciting! The team pairs a Memory Jogger with a respective Habit-Keeper. Both receive an email with the steps that need to be taken and each other’s contact details to proceed.

The resulting outcome is the official property of the Habit-keeper. With permission, our website would like to share the outcome on our social media accounts. We encourage you to share your work with the hashtag “#nowforlater”. In addition, we plan to organise an exhibition of all the artworks created via our platform after the Covid-19 crisis is over. Of course, we will be providing you with a virtual access so you can attend it no matter where you are in the world!


Do you have an interesting insight, habit, or intention that you want to carry with you from the Covid-19 period? You can now sign up via our website! Describe your purpose in as much detail as possible, so that the memory-jogger you are linked to can get started immediately. If you need inspiration on how to formulate your intention, check our instagram 🙂

After completing the form, the team will check which Memory-Jogger will be linked to you. You will receive an email within a week introducing you to your Memory-Jogger. They may also have questions about your insight, intention or habit, which they will communicate directly to you before proceeding. The Memory-Jogger will then send you their banking details; and you decide how much you would like to spend for their work. After payment, he or she will proceed and about a week later, your work will be delivered to you either digitally or by post, depending on the agreement. If you both give permission, our platform will share the results on the website and our Instagram page.

Even though humanity collectively witnessed a drastic change in life as a result of the pandemic, it also granted us the opportunity to reflect and to discover new healthy habits, or good insights. Perhaps you started dancing more, decided to dedicate more time for jogging, perhaps you now like having less social contacts. Our platform wants you to perpetuate those insights and habits, because before you realize it, once we are back to our “normal” lifestyle, you are very likely to let go of those habits. All we need from you is to clearly formulate this habit or insight in one sentence.

You can choose the type of memory-jogger you are linked to, whether you’d prefer a child, an artist, a poet, or a philosopher. We also ask you how much you would like to spend for their work. Based on this information, our team then makes a link. You cannot choose who specifically from our memory-joggers you will be linked to. 

You can transfer the amount of money you want to spend directly to your memory-jogger. 100% of the proceedings goes to them.

We ask you to indicate during the registration how much you want to spend, however, it is important to note that we have a flat rate of 20 euros, so that we can make a logical match.


A Memory-Jogger is an artist, a philosopher, a poet or even a child who helps the habit-keeper to maintain a particular habit, intention or insight. The Memory-Jogger does this by creating a piece of work, large or small, based on the intention or new habit, which will encourage the habit-keeper to keep pursuing it. wants to make a good match between Habit-Keepers and Memory-Joggers. Thus, when registering as a Memory-Jogger, the team of takes a look at your portfolio, background, and social media profile to be able to guarantee the quality of your work. Once you are selected, you will receive a confirmation email from our team.

You send the Habit-Keeper an open payment request. They determine the amount that will be transferred. After the Habit-Keeper has paid the amount they desire, you create a piece of work for them. 

As soon as we have found a Habit-Keeper for you, you will be linked by email with further instructions. This process takes about a week.

You decide how much time you spend in creating the work. From one sentence of text to a visual work – anything goes. If you are a Memory-Jogger, you can wait and see how much your Habit-Keeper transfers and on the basis of this adjust your hours and material.

When registering as a Memory-Jogger, you determine how often you will be linked to a Habit-Keeper. When a match is found, you will be linked by email to this Habit-Keeper and their intention. Then you send a payment request and the Habit-Keeper determines how much they pay. As a Memory-Jogger you make a work, visual, textual or otherwise, that you share within a week (by post or by mail) with the Habit-Keeper. When the Habit-Keeper has given permission, we will post the habit and the relative work on the social media accounts for our platform. When you have indicated that you want to be linked again, we will look for a new match to pair you with.

After the Habit-Keeper has paid, you should send your work in about one week. It’s okay if it takes you a little longer, as long as you inform you habit-keeper in advance.

You are free to choose how you send your work. This can be done digitally or by post.